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Пишет Crystal Sphere:
Из нового Блич-датабука, спасибо Elruu, нашёлся нормальный англ. перевод
Пишет Elruu:

попойка Киры и Ран
Сразу вспомнилась моя старинная ён-кома, где двое пьют и рыдают, а Гину икается в Уэко-Мундо

Говорят, датабук Кубо не состовлял, так что не всё принадлежит его перу. Думаю, этой новелле можно верить. Хотя аниме-версией как-то попахивает. Рангику-яойщица

«Matsumoto Rangiku: Lieutenant of the 10th Division, this willful beauty’s figure is second to none throughout the entire Gotei 13. After losing her childhood friend Gin, she now feels an emptiness that she cannot fill.

Kira Izuru: Ichimaru Gin’s direct subordinate, Lieutenant of the 3rd Division. Even though he possesses strength and knowledge befitting his position, his air seems to give people the impression that he tends to rely on others.

[Two Lonely Souls’ Wild Drunken Night]

M: Hey hey Izuru! You haven’t drunk enough yet, right?

K: Nope, I’m still drinking, see! (Hiccup)

M: If you drink it all in one gulp, I’ll pour the next one for you myself~ ☆

K: Thank you… I’m always receiving Matsumoto-san’s encouragement…

M: What – the, speaking in such a sad tone of voice! Clearly, you haven’t had enough yet! Come on…

K: No, Matsumoto-san, if I have more then I’m afraid…

M: I will take care of you until the very end, so today drink your fill!!

K: Okay, okay. Well then, following through is better than being deferential…

M: Oh~~ Izuru, I didn’t expect you to be able to drink this much! Keep drinking, just like that! Mana~ger~ heat more sake! I want the big jugs! And plates of capelin too!

K: But Matsumoto-san… why have you always been so good to me? After I did such a horrible thing to you before-

M: That’s all in the past. Besides, this isn’t just for you… it’s because I myself want to drink!!

[Izuru, Blind Admiration]

M: Say, after you had been betrayed, you were still so obedient towards Gin. Why did you still have so much faith in that guy? What exactly was so good about him?

K: Even though Ichimaru-taichou always looked like that, he was really a very kind and warm person. He just wasn’t very good at displaying it and his outer persona was very easily misunderstood, but he was really very kind and warm.

M: Ah! He was very kind to you too?

K: Of course! Did you know that behind the Third Division’s barracks, there are some persimmon trees? Every year when they bore fruit, Captain would always make tons of dried persimmons himself.

M: On this topic, Izuru you often brought some to share with us.

K: Also, he was always telling me to eat more, and even if I said that I had enough, Captain would still tell me not to be polite and eat more… Even though in the end my stomach felt like it would burst – Captain, he was so kind.

M: Eating like that gave you diarrhea though.

K: Eh…that’s very true. He also completely trusted me as his lieutenant, and let me take care of all business within the division… Even though he never complimented me, he also never interfered at all with my work… Isn’t that enough to see that as a boss, how kind and accepting he was?

M: Enough to befuddle you.

K: Anyway, he was an ideal boss to me. And I still feel exactly the same about him – even though there’s a little bit of disappointment, I hope I will be able to trust Captain until the very end.

M: Kira… You…

K: Come on! I’m going to drink my fill today! And I have Rangiku-san here with me!!!

M: Of course! Today we’re going to try our hardest to drink our fill ☆

K: I do want to hear Rangiku-san’s story. Weren’t you childhood friends with Captain?

M: That’s right. Gin saved me when I was starving and couldn’t get up.

[Things Lost and Things Gained]

M: Back then he was one completely incomprehensible guy. He was the one who saved my life, and of course I was grateful. But, there was just one thing, I wish he wouldn’t play games and just say what he really thought.

K: Hiccup… that is to say. Captain, he, was a bit… Hiccup, like that.

M: My apologies~! Bring another jug of sake! Cold sake is fine, as long as it’s here fast~!

K: Huhuhu… Ichimaru-taichou… Why…

M: In the end, he still saved my life. And this time, that guy still sacrificed himself to save the whole world – what a fool.

K: Huhuhu… I wish I could see Captain again…

M: He was always leaving all of a sudden, always vanishing without warning…but now that I think about it, that was just his style. So he didn’t leave you anything either? What a willful fellow. Why couldn’t he leave just some tiny thing by our side! Just thinking about it makes me even more mad… Come, Kira!! Drink up! I haven’t poured the next cup yet!

K: Okay, okay… (Hiccup)

M: Come on… ah oops, it leaked out… Hahahaha. At least it’ll dry after a while.

K: Huhuhu… it’s completely wet…

M: Izuru, did you know? We are both here because of Gin. Both you and me. As long as you’re alive, then so is Gin. And if you want to be with Gin longer, even for just a little bit, then live just a little bit longer.

K: But Captain is no longer here…?

M: That’s why I said that he’s with us! Perhaps…this is what he left to us.

K: …Ah.

M: Hm?

K: I remembered a haiku. “Ah – wet the sleeve, tears become sake.”

M: Hey, Izuru you!

K: Ha, ha. What…?

M: Like I said, you can’t go on like this, being all melancholy and indecisive! All we can do for Gin is to be happy from the bottom of our hearts, every single day!

K: ….

M: He would never leave me anything, the things I still wanted to do for Gin -


M: Ah… had too much? …Sorry. Manager – bill please - !!!

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